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Yes, call us to make arrangements.

These white marks are generally caused by heat or water damage, liquids, pizza, etc. We can refinish and get rid of the rings and marks. Typically, black rings signify damage to the wood itself which we are also able to restore. We can do a prior consultation to assess the damage.

We specialise in custom colour matching and professional finishes! We work with excellent paint and varnish suppliers to bring you the widest variety.

Of course! Restoring your antiques can increase their worth and actually preserve them for longer.

Absolutely, we are an approved repairer for all the major insurance companies and relocation companies in Auckland. As such, we can connect with your insurance company or assessor, hassle-free.

Don’t toss your furniture away! Depending on the extent of the damage, it can most likely be repaired! Consult with us before you get rid of a whole dining suite due to one or two broken items.

Yes, we also work with marble and can do marble repairs.



Not only do we do wood restoration, we also re-upholster to give your furniture a complete makeover.

We do work on all these and more. Contact us so we can assess the repair.

We will advise you on the maintenance of your furniture to suit the item’s need.

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